Presentation of my essay for my final year at the Central Saint Martins.

Seek the visual identity of our generation.

That’s the purpose of my dissertation. Know how to position yourself and define yourself.
Several times in class or even during professional work I heard "we’ve seen it so many times, it’s old-fashioned". So I wanted to take the time to answer that question of identity.

And after long researches, to get to know the origins and our visual identity and to know more about our society I came to conclusions. Our society is evolving faster and faster. It evolves along with the means of transport. The faster the modes of transport become, the more our society and its composites evolve.

Like the means of communication. The goal is simple.

Save time, go faster. But this notion of speed and time ultimately depicts the rest. We have a lifestyle that is more and more intense and more and more dense. If we look a little more at the field of Art we can see a very big difference between the beginning and the 20th century rocked by modernism and this for several decades and the 21st century. Today we can not classify our era in a proper artistic movement. We are witnessing the appearance of a multitude of trends. All more or less different. But trends likely to please a large part of our society. These trends do not all convey ideologies as modernism or post-modernism have been able to do.

Today’s trends are closely related to our capitalist society. We consume a lot and we get tired quickly. As a result, the visual language around us must change quickly to satisfy our eyes and desires. There is no real question of creating an artistic movement to value ideas, thoughts or concepts but more to create trends that extend over a short period to excite our desires and please visually speaking.

Lack of Identity           
Lucie Corbasson
Language: English

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