Lucie Corbasson          
GoHenry: Discover the Life you’re growing into
Language: English

The ability to pay for stuff online has changed everything about how we transact with each other, and with businesses. But in our dailylife institutions and “classical” banks arefocusing on adults. Money and the way we are managing it is a really important point at every stage of our life. But the education around it is really inequal and poor, no meaningful money education in schools, young people are being neglected. Young people are entering in the adulthood without the knowledges they need to be truly confident.

Gohenry is a financial tool for a digital generation of kids and teens - helping parents teach their children (ages 6 - 18) how to earn, save, spend, give and learn about money.
It’s a way to give kids and teens financial independence and a chance to learn the value of money, appreciate the freedom that money brings in a safe environment free from the risks of getting into debt.

In April 2019 GoHenry decide to create a range of custom credit cards in collaboration with a young illustrator around the theme:

Few months later here we are with:
A core illustration // small animation
3 custom cards based on the core illustration
Some merch : Tote bags and T-shirt
A video about Lucie and her work

The Interview and more about the process: HERE

Nice to meet you :)
London, UK.