It is a fact, mental illnesses are part of our society. It is not a taboo anymore to say loudly with what you are dealing everyday.

But that doesn’t mean people understand and accept your illness. Mental illnesses are tricky. Because they are not physical. You can’t see them. It is all about what happening in your mind. And try to make people see or understand what you are going through is definitely a difficult task. 

The post traumastic syndrom disorder is one of those. It is a result of an exceptional stress or trauma. 
It is most of the time difficult to put words together to explain what you are experimenting. Through this animation I wanted to raise awareness about what a person who is experimenting PTSD is going through but I also wanted to bring light.
I decided to deal with this subject in a personal and oniric way. It is more to see as an interaction between the PTSD and the person whohas to deal with it.

PTSD is not an end. It is a part of yourself but it is not defining you as a person.

Animation: Lucie Corbasson
Sound: Alexandre Timar

Lucie Corbasson
Language: English

Nice to meet you :)
London, UK.